Top Ten Questions (continued)

Question 10.

How do I find out how much bankruptcy will cost me?

My experience enables me to handle cases affordably. However, I am not a discount bankruptcy firm – or a “bankruptcy mill.” I handle all client cases personally and devote my personal attention to each aspect of your case. Therefore my fees are sometimes higher than in discount.

Contact me and we will discuss your options with you. We will also give you clear and honest information about all of the costs of the process. My goal is to make quality bankruptcy representation affordable for the average person.

So how much does bankruptcy really cost? That’s naturally one of the key questions people have when considering bankruptcy. The answer is it depends on the case and the lawyer, but you are usually out of pocket about $2,000 for the whole process (including costs). If you have a normal case and are asked to pay much more (or much less) than that, it makes sense to be a little bit wary.

Lawyers tend to be very sensitive about generalities because so much depends on specifics. I will spare you the disclaimers, except to say that some people have complex cases and total cost will depend on your situation. But I do not bait and switch and I give clear, honest information without making you jump through numerous hoops to get it. We also offer payment plans so you can get started with the pre-filing process before you have all the money needed to file your case.

Contact me at 508-753-2006 for a free consultation and fee quote for your case.

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