How Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help You?

A Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer will help you prepare and present your case in front of the Court. As a debtor going to the United States Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts for help, you are expected to make a full and honest disclosure of your financial affairs. In exchange for this honest disclosure, the Court has the authority to grant a discharge of the majority of the debts that you owe.

Bankruptcy discharge resembles a shield that protects you from your creditors. Bankruptcy Code is a federal law, but certain aspects of it apply differently in when bankruptcy case is filed in Massachusetts. Under the Bankruptcy Code and the laws of Massachusetts, bankruptcy is not a personal sacrifice. Rather, it is a privilege granted to an honest but unfortunate debtor. Many famous Americans sought bankruptcy protection, including Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant; Henry Ford and Walt Disney; Milton Hershey, the king of candy; and H.J. Heinz, the father of Ketchup. More recently, TV host Larry King and the actress Kim Basinger sought bankruptcy relief.

Is Debt Taking Over Your Life?

If it is, or if you think it might sometime soon, our bankruptcy law firm will help you determine how best to address your financial situation – through bankruptcy, debt negotiation or other options you may not know about. Our goal is to help get you back on your feet if you have been knocked to the ground by debt.

Residents of Massachusetts who are in debt call the Law Office of Vladimir von Timroth to find answers to these and other questions:

  • Would bankruptcy best serve my interests, or is there a better option?
  • What can I do to stop foreclosure?
  • Will I lose my house or car if I file for bankruptcy?
  • Will my bankruptcy affect my spouse or children?
  • Will bankruptcy restore my credit?
  • Will my employer find out if I file bankruptcy?
  • Will it be in the paper if I file bankruptcy?
  • Should I be thinking about a credit consolidation company?

Our bankruptcy law firm helps clients tackle these and related questions every day. We are dedicated to helping you take steps toward debt relief that provide the most benefit for your unique financial situation today and in the future.

Vladimir von Timroth is a Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer, licensed to provide legal services to people and organizations located in Massachusetts. He advises clients on debt relief solutions and, if bankruptcy is the best course of action, he will recommend that you file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

For the convenience of all residents of Massachusetts, Vladimir von Timroth operates two offices; one in Brookline, MA, in the Boston area, and one in Worcester, MA. If debt is taking over your life, call us today at (508) 753-2006.